II. 100 slow photos

100 slow photos tells the storry of a product.

the project is based on the research-process of fotografik (in which we developed a technique to draw with light on paper) and transforms it into a production process. therefore we chose a research-result which displays a sphere with shadow.
for this picture we created a production line which exhibits every step of the ready to sell product. a receipt lines up every production step and unveils the costs of production.

a slow photo is made in three exposure steps. Each step takes 24 hours. a slow photo costs 18,33 €.

in collaboration with luis kucharski

slow photo

the production setup

on the left side of the picture are the pre-produced, semi-finished products. these are glass plates, to which a paper is glued, packed in opaque envelope. to the right are the three exposure stations, in each of it, a slow photo is in production. at the next station, a glass plate is glued ontop of the other. the finished slow photo gets packt in the opaque envelope, together with the receipt . on the right is a finished slow photo exhibited.