an apparatus to analyze buttons.

buttons appear in an infinite variety of colors and forms.

aek is designed to gather rational information about every single button.
for every aspect of the buttons, like size or color, a special apparatus was made.
the gathered information gets fed into a database.

on the last station in the process, an emotional decision takes place. if we like the button, we collect it. if not, we put it back in the ocean of buttons.

aek shows, how an emotional decision stands in contrast to rational criteria.

aek is operated by two persons. one person leads the button through the process. the other person feds the database with the information. aek speeds up the acquisition process by giving structure to it.

aek works with every button.

in collaboration with luis kucharski

f. l. t. r. container, components and material, dimensions, weight, topography and type, colour, translucency and number of holes, photo, emotional decision and collection.

database interface: the acquisition process